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Are you providing value on Instagram?

Today I want to talk about providing value to your audience on Instagram but really any social platform. One mistake I see a lot of people make while trying to grow their audience is that they sell, sell, sell. 

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Don’t get me wrong, selling is how you get paid right, so we do want sales, but we need to build a relationship with your audience so that when you do provide them an opportunity to buy, they are ready (and want to) jump on it!

Let’s keep this simple 🙌

3 ways to provide value to your audience:




 I highly recommend keeping those three categories in mind when creating 70% of your content. Provide your audience value so they have a reason to follow you. 

If you are unsure if you are currently providing value to your audience, I want you to look through your most recent posts. Why would someone want to see those posts on their feed? (If you answer because the picture is pretty-we have some work to do). 

Let’s dive into some examples: 

For a wedding photographer, ways to provide value include 

  • Educate your clients (and future clients) on how to prepare for their engagement session. This could include outfit recommendations, places to shop, or simply telling them about your process so they know what they expect. 
  • To entertain, you could tell the story of your first shoot ever. That one time you forgot to bring extra memory cards and you had to have your mom bring you an extra card halfway through (or something similar). Even better if you can end it with what you learned (now I always double-check I have plenty of memory cards ready to go the night before every shoot)
  • To inspire, you could share 3 dreamy elopement locations!

One way I like to brainstorm content ideas is by thinking of ways I can entertain, educate, or inspire my ideal client (this way I know I’m creating content that is made for my dream clients and will be attracting the right audience). 

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