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When you start your road trip, you need a map to get to where you want to go. This strategic marketing plan template will help you create a road map of where you want your business to go and most importantly--how you are going to get there. 

Features include:
✔   Customize the entire spreadsheet
✔   Column for tracking progress
✔   Target date column
✔   Column for Objectives, Goals, Actions and Metrics

Marketing Plan Template


The spreadsheet includes target dates so that you can set deadlines and stick to them

set goal dates

The spreadsheet includes a column to track progress on individual tasks. Stay on top of your goals by documenting your progress

track your progres

The spreadsheet includes a column where you can assign ownership between staff members for specific tasks

assign ownership

You can fully customize the spreadsheet to match your brand colors and fonts

customize colors and text

If you are more comfortable in Excel, you can download the Google Sheets file as an Excel spreadsheet to edit it there

download into excel

This template is made in Google Sheets and is completely customized. You can edit any part of the spreadsheet to make it your own

customizable in Google Sheets

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